Refund Policy

Such A Nice Day (SAND) Adventures requires 50% deposit upon booking.
Balances are due up to 30 days before the trip or course starts.
Deposits/ all payments are refundable in full up to 30 days before the trip or course start date.
No refunds will be given within 30 days of the trip/course start date.
In the event of participant cancellation within 30 days Such A Nice Day Adventures may make a place on another course or trip available at their discretion depending upon the participants circumstances.

COVID-19 Protocols

(Please keep checking back for updates. We are doing our best to keep up to date with the most recent announcements and provincial regulations so we can operate the safest programs possible)

  • At the moment we do not require evidence of a COVID-19 test or complete vaccine before arrival.
  • All  customers will be COVID symptom free before and during the trip
  • Customers that express symptoms during the trip will be evacuated.
  • Customers that express symptoms 2 weeks or less after the trip will notify our office immediately.
  • Limited to 6 customers on any given trip, lesson or course. 
  • Maximum number of people will be: 10 participants on any given trip, course or instruction including instructors/guides. 

Management during any of our programs at SAND Adventures:

  • Physical Distancing (2 m or 6 ft) 
  • Have a mouth and nose barrier (mask) on you ready to be used at any time (mask, bandanna, buff) for all participants and instructors/guides.  
  • If one finds themselves breaking physical distance for any reason, make sure to use your mouth and nose barrier i.e. when looking at a map or doing a rescue. 
  • Gear will be cleaned thoroughly after each individual use and exclusively assigned and not shared
  • No sharing of water, food or utensils
  • other protocols will be put in place as required, be prepared to be flexible and accommodating.


  • Food for day trips will be provided in separate to go bags at an additional cost.
  • For any day trip, customers and staff will bring their own utensils and lunch/snacks.
  • Do not share food or utensils.
  • We will bring a box of gloves for lunches (food prep gloves)
  • For our full room and board packages out of Nestled In Nature B&B in Rossport you will be provided with their specific covid protocols upon booking
  • Food and food preparation on Level 2 Paddle Canada Courses will be provided by the participants
  • For multi-day trips food will be provided, protocols will be taken/enforced by the instructors/guides through:
    • Mask and gloves used for food preparation and wash up/put away.
    • Participants and staff, if they chose to bring, will not share fold up chairs and stay at least 2 m apart while eating (outside their social bubble)
    • Utensils will be washed by 1-2 people only to prevent breaking of physical distancing and many hands touching clean utensils.
    • Anyone washing dishes will hand-sanitize and then wear dish washing gloves
    • Utensils will be washed in hot soapy water, rinsed, and then bleached for 1-2 minutes (3 steps/bins).
    • Once washed, they will be hung to dry not wiped with a dry cloth.
    • Tongs for lunches (to prevent allergy spreading) and only staff make plates for ALL meals

More tips here:


  • Customers are encouraged to bring their own tents if possible
  • Tent sharing by permission only (individuals not from the same exposure circle will not be sharing tents, tent sharing for the same exposure circle ONLY, i.e. families and friends who have already been exposed to each other would be considered under the same exposure circle).
  • ALL Tents and gear will then be sanitized after each trip through soaking them in a cleaning solution and hanging them to dry.


  • Wipe down equipment before and after use with sanitary cleaning product