Come experience the true wonder of this amazing island archipelago on this 5 day exploratory expedition by kayak.

Rate Per Person
Trip Length
6 days
Max Group
8 ppl

Situated 10-12 kilometres off shore near the town of Terrace Bay Ontario, the mysterious Slate Islands beckon. Some chose to brave the crossing by kayak but for this trip we have organized a boat shuttle to ensure safe passage without delays so we can make it out and back with ease in any weather to and from the islands and then maximize our time leisurely paddling and exploring. The boat shuttle can take 4 people, 4 kayaks plus gear on each trip so we will be makes 2 trips out on the afternoon of Aug 15th and two trips back mid-day of Aug 21st. Unfortunately at this time we could only secure a boat shuttle out of Marathon Ontario with the shuttle driver who services Pukaskwa National Park so the trip out will be just over an hour each way, a little bit longer than it would be from Terrace Bay but we will be able to make it out and back safely on the dates planned.

Yes the slates contain what was once the largest concentration of non-predated Woodland Caribou in the world. In recent years their numbers have been down but they are starting to make a come back and if we are lucky we will see some. More importantly the islands contain a world of fascinating geology, unique flora and fauna, and cultural relics. Standing alone as an isolated circular archipelago, island creation theories abound and often create a sense of awe in visitors. Some speculate the area was created by a 30km in diameter meteorite impact, 450 million years ago. Others feel the islands were created by other means such as complicated tectonic plate displacement. The mystery provides an enchanting feeling as we explore the area.

The Slate Islands offer some of the most beautiful campsites in the region. When weather allows we will make our way to the south side to explore the light station. At 258 feet, it is at the highest elevation of any lighthouse on Lake Superior. A visit to hike up the trail to the light is a spectacular.

2021 Summer dates: Aug 15th to 21st (Full)

Stay tuned for more dates please email to express your interest

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