A Great Gift for Fellow Paddlers!

Such A Nice Day (S.A.N.D.) Adventures Inc. is pleased to offer its customers the ability to purchase Gift Certificates that can be either printed off and given to a friend or family member or emailed as a Digital Gift Certificate.

Purchase Gift Certificates in the following amounts:

Gift certificates do not have an expiry date and can be redeemed for all services provided by SAND but are not redeemable for merchandise sold by SAND.

Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash and are not-refundable.  The purchase of gift certificates is HST exempt as HST will be applied to the total amount of the invoice rendered for services to which the gift certificate has been applied.

Once you have purchased a gift certificate(s), you will receive, by email, an order receipt that contains a link to make a reservation and to view the gift certificate.

If you click on the view link, you will be provided with the digital gift certificate which contains a unique redemption code that can be used to purchase services that have an amount equal to or less than the face value of the gift certificate.

The digital gift certificate contains three buttons to:

  • Schedule a reservation
  • Print or,
  • Email the gift certificate.

Once the total face value of the gift certificate has been used up, the redeemer of the gift certificate will be invoiced for any excess amount not covered by the gift certificate face value.

Purchasers of gift certificates are encouraged to create an account on the SAND reservation system which will enable the purchaser to see the status of the gift certificate(s) and the unredeemed amount(s) for the gift certificate(s).

Gift certificates must be redeemed by making a reservation for services provided by SAND on the SAND reservation system.