Ice paddling presents a rare opportunity to experience the true raw energy of Lake Superior

Reservations are now available for any day from March 20th through April 2024 (depending on ice conditions). During this time we will be running ice paddling where the conditions allow between Pigeon River and Terrace Bay Ontario. We usually go out of Cloud Bay which is only 35-40min drive from Thunder Bay. Click here for location details. Rossport is also a great location for ice paddling and we can also offer accomodation/meals/sauna so get in touch about your interest, availability we will do our best to align them ice and weather conditions.

In early spring every year there is a small window of opportunity to access an awe inspiring ice world amongst the beautiful islands of Lake Superior. It is very condition dependent but when the opportunity arises to get out amongst the ice on the lake it is a truly special experience.

Rate Per Person
Trip Length
Max Group
  • Price subject to 13% HST

Both double and single sit in sea kayaks will be available. Double kayaks are highly recommended for those with less experience. We also have a price for those who want to bring their own proper 13ft+ sea kayak. Please let us know in advance upon booking.

  • $175 single kayak
  • $350 double kayak
  • $135 BYO kayak

Ice paddling is highly dependent on weather and ice conditions. Please feel free to book any available day that suits your schedule. However, we may contact you to arrange a different day as time of your paddle gets closer.

Gear included:
  • Sea kayak, spray skirt, paddle, and PFD
  • Kayak safety equipment (whistle, bilge pump, buoyant line)
  • Immersion gear (Full size range of top of the line drysuits)
  • Neoprene gloves/pogies
  • Small Dry bags 5-20L for personal items
  • First Aid and Repair Kit
  • Emergency extra warm clothes
Gear you will need to provide:
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Water bottle(s) 2-3L capacity
  • Appropriate base and thermal layers top and bottom – non cotton (wool/polyester) for under drysuit (see below for video on gear prep)
  • Paddle clothing and footwear (neoprene booties are best but old runners with wool/neoprene socks will work. We have some if you don’t have)
  • Warm change of clothes and rain gear top/bottom
  • Warm hat and buff/neck gator
  • Warm set of gloves
  • Sunglasses (with straps recommended)
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Camera


Here is a video Zack made for preparing for cold weather paddling. Essentially you will dress the same for ice paddling on Lake Superior as you would for paddling in Antarctica!

The Walleye – Ice Paddling April 2022 Article


“I have to admit I was feeling nervous about it being too cold. It was my first time winter kayaking, but Zach helped us find the right amount of layers and suited us up with the right cold weather gear. It was wonderful to get out there. I felt like an explorer who had stumbled upon a new world. That ice was some of the most beautiful formations. When we saw the tree half covered in ice it took my breathe away. It inspired me. Remember that though the days may be cold, keep a fire in your soul and let nature guide the way. 😉”

-Susan Hagens, Thunder Bay Ontario


“Wonderful! Zack was great to deal with from the very beginning. Clear, thoughtful, timely communication as we were doing the planning with helpful tips on how to prepare. Then on the day itself, he managed everything beautifully, from the logistics of getting boats loaded and everyone suited up, to navigating the route and guiding people on techniques for getting on and off the ice. I felt safe and supported at all times. And he’s a perfect person to be guiding groups: he’s so capable but also so enthusiastic about paddling! Thanks, Zack—we will definitely be back!”

Ice Paddling

-Judy Barton, Thunder Bay Ontario