Clear water and remote islands only 45 minutes from Thunder Bay

Only a short drive from Thunder Bay, the Neebing coast offers world class sea kayaking with a series of sheltered islands and bays to explore on day trips or multi day expeditions. Paddle to Spar Island and hike to the Top of the World for one of the best views on Lake Superior, or see centuries old abandoned mine shafts on islands that you didn’t know existed.  Camp on island beaches, glide over brilliant underwater quartz veins, and watch peregrine falcons soar above towering cliffs. It’s easy to forget you’re so close to the city!

With multiple locations to start your trip and endless options for routes to paddle, our guides can design a trip tailored to your skill level and interests.

Whether you only have a few hours to see the area or want to visit every island on a multi day expedition, there’s something for everyone on the Neebing coast.

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