Lake Superior NMCA Guide

Field and Paddling Guide

This book is a comprehensive field and paddling guide for Parks Canada’s Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. This book is for you if you wish to find ways to explore the LSNMCA region thoughtfully and safely, whether by water or through stories. We have tried to capture the sense of wonder we feel on Lake Superior by including information on the many stories and aspects of this great lake – historical, ecological, cultural, as well as recreational.


Includes the following:

  • Detailed maps of the NMCA region between the Sibley Peninsula and Jackfish Bay
  • Area specific paddling considerations for Lake Superior
  • Anishinabe Perspectives
  • Detailed launch site and campsite information
  • Description of 10 great day trips in the region
  • Interesting story boxes on culture, history, geology, ecology, and other fun facts

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nmca guidebook map


‘Thank you for sending the guidebook.  I spent an enjoyable evening reading through it and, again, want to commend Darrell and Zack for the outstanding job.  Rarely do guidebooks rise to this high a literary level which you achieved by casting the place as the central character and evoking throughout its numinous, transcendent pull on the traveler.  A wise environmental ethic pervades the book, but what I think brings the book alive for me is your reverent restraint.  You leave space for discovery and exploration which are the very qualities that draw us to the area and excite us when we slip our boats into Superior’s waters and head out for a distant headland or island.  The maps are terrific, some of the best I have seen collected on the area.  I especially enjoyed your panoramas and layout of the photos.  All in all a masterful job you can be proud of.  The area has received the sensitive guidebook it deserves!’ Ken, Prior Lake, MN


‘I was told about this book from an outfitter in Rossport, ON, while planning a two week expedition between Silver Islet and Rossport, with a planned side trip to the Slate Islands, in Sept of 2016. I ordered it through Amazon and received the book directly from Darrell Makin, one of the authors. Darrell was absolutely awesome in sharing paddling information as we’ll as other interesting historical nuggets about the area. The book itself was invaluable for me during my trip. Without it I’m certain I would have had a less enjoyable trip. While I never made it to the Slates on this trip, I am already ramping up to go back in May 2017. Bravo for a well researched book and one that should be in the library for any frequent paddler of Lake Superior, and the LSNMCA in particular. And please, please, if you do paddle this area – heed the warnings on preserving and protecting this largely undisturbed area. It is truly a treasure.’ Steve, USA